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Brendan O'Neil
January 09, 2020

The Third Door

The Third Door is a great read that follows the journey of a college freshman who was determined to interview the world’s most successful people. An idea that started out in his freshman dorm room, Alex had the drive and compassion to find the most successful people in the world in the most unordinary ways. One of the unordinary ways was getting on the gameshow, The Price Is Right.


Alex studied on how to get selected to be a participant on the show, since this was his only way of making some money and following his dream and traveling the world to meet these famous people he set out on interviewing. A few years later, he employed the same strategy to attend Warren Buffett’s annual conference and manage to ask 4 questions, when getting even 1 question in has a chance of 1 in 1,000.



Through engaging interviews, author Alex Banayan uncovers:

  • How to use funnel your passions to fuel your career (Jessica Alba)
  • How to continue to grow upon your success (Pitbull)
  • How to overcome challenges and setbacks (Maya Angelou)
  • How to create connections with people who can help you ladder up (Tim Ferris)
  • How to define success on your own terms (Steve Wozniak)


I believe a common theme in this book is to find creative ways to get where you want to be in life. Cold calling and emailing people doesn't work these days; you need to be creative in order to reach your goals and Alex did that. For example, Alex sent Warren Buffett’s assistant a shoe with a note “just trying to get my foot in the door”. 


After Alex starting talking to these famous individuals, he noticed that they all employed different strategies for getting their foot in the door. They didn’t follow the prescribed path but rather created their own shortcuts.  He came up with the analogy “The Third Door”. 





If you dream of learning under the wings of world-class mentors, achieving your biggest goals, or just transforming yourself into the person you’ve always imagined you could be, The Third Doorgives you the tools you need so you can get what you want.

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