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January 22, 2020

The New Rules For Marketing Devices To HCPs

In the January issue of MM&M, author Larry Dobrow highlights how marketers will have to change their strategy to effectively reach a changing audience of physicians.


young doctor

The highlights below are excerpted from the article, “The new face of the American doctor: How marketers can adjust appeals to reach them".

  1. Emphasize the evidence: Always lead with your scientific case.
  2. Downsize reps, but educate them up: arm them with the tools they need to have more involved conversations
  3. Acknowledge the anxiety: Today’s young HCPs feel as if they’re under siege. Marketers that are able to build empathy will be rewarded handsomely.
  4. Don’t go direct: Don’t overburden [them] with over styled direct-mail pieces
  5. Socialize: Marketers hesitant to engage in [the social] space will take a back seat to the ones who do so smartly and audaciously.
  6. Get to the point: A tightly worded tweet can say more than a four-paragraph email; Fifteen-second spots are looked upon more fondly than 30- or 60-second ones.

Read the complete article on MM&M Online. Then call SPUR marketing to learn more about how we can help you do everything on this list better than your competitor.


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