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June 07, 2018

SPUR Marketing launches as newest healthtech agency in Med Ad News

March 2018 marks the start of the newest healthtech marketing agency Spur Marketing. And by “spur” (meaning something that sparks or encourages someone)—they’re ready to do just that. Based outside of Philadelphia, Spur Marketing is a strategy-led healthtech marketing agency with capabilities from strategic development to creative execution.


Starting up Spur Marketing wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. In the sea of commoditized agencies emerged a distinct need to help healthtech marketers navigate the everchanging complexities of marketing in the integrated healthcare world. “We see our heathtech clients at this crossroad of value-based care and the old way of doing things. What they value most from an agency partner is having customer insights and expertise that informs their new path forward. We realized that what they need is a guide—someone who can inform and inspire them. If we can do that, together we can reach new heights for their brands and the numbers will follow,” according to Business Lead, Elizabeth Patterson.


From hospital to home, Spur Marketing is focused on the entire care continuum. “In the device, technology, and diagnostic world, you have to think beyond the product. It’s about bringing solutions and being a partner. It’s not enough to simply convince the end user—you have to go deeper into the care pathway,” adds Katherine Wiseman, Strategy Lead.


The Year’s Accomplishments

2018 is the year for Spur Marketing. They’ve built a team and are laying the foundation by establishing core capabilities, processes, and values. “It’s exciting being able to define exactly who we are and who we aren’t. It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to fuse together decades of expertise under 1 roof to be a keystone for clients who are trying to solve some of the biggest healthcare challenges through technology. We’re using our past to help change the future for our clients and healthcare consumers,” adds Creative Lead, Ann Manousos.


Strategically located in Newtown, Pennsylvania close to many healthtech companies, Spur Marketing recently opened their first office. They are actively seeking new partnerships with clients who specialize in devices and technologies that require expertise in integrative selling. “The biggest challenge our clients face is making the transition to solutions-based marketing that communicates a unique value. Healthtech clients have traditionally let their product be the champion, but gone are the days of single-clinical champions. Now they need to communicate their unique value to multiple stakeholders whether it’s clinical, operational, or financial. This requires a mindset shift across sales and marketing. Not to mention executional excellence for ensuring seamless product adoption across multiple settings and people,” according to agency leaders.


Beyond servicing clients and laying the foundation, Spur Marketing is taking a deeper look at how their vision and value impacts operations. They’re looking to spur change in how agency teams are built and how this shapes the day-to-day experience. According to agency leaders, “The brightest minds in marketing today value culture, diversity, and a sense of purpose. If our team knows that they can make a tremendous impact during their working hours while maintaining the freedom to pursue their passions outside of work, then we are winning.”


Structure and Services Offered

Spur Marketing offers healthtech marketers strategy, positioning and value story-telling, sales material creation, CRM, and omni-channel advertising across professionals and patients. All efforts are led by a team of experienced agency leaders with a hybrid of expertise gained from partnering across healthcare and technology leaders including Phillips, Bracco Diagnostics, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Roche, Abbott, ReShape Life Sciences, Smith & Nephew, Merck, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur, Genentech, Endo, and Novartis.


Business Lead Elizabeth Patterson, a 2017 MM&M Woman to Watch and 2013 HBA Rising Star, brings a decade of diverse experience in medical advertising across professional, consumer, payer, alternate channels, medical device, diagnostic, and health IT at agencies both big and small. “The importance of communicating value has been engrained since my early years working in the payer space. I’ve taken that mindset across everything I do to ensure that value is communicated in every touchpoint possible because ‘what’s in it for me’ is ultimately what resonates with people.”


Creative Lead Ann Manousos joins Spur Marketing with 10+ years of pharmaceutical, device, and launch experience across a range of therapeutic areas from oncology to orthopedics. Manousos has an award-winning, content-rich background spanning journalism, creative copy, and strategy at agencies across various networks including Publicis, Syneos Health, and Dudnyk. “The best work I’ve seen has been created by a team of people who trust each other. Trust comes from experience and a belief that we never stop learning. When you have trust you can do anything.”


Strategy Lead, Katherine Wiseman is a healthtech expert with more than a decade of marketing experience exclusively with medical device and diagnostic companies. She built partnerships with a breadth of healthtech companies for products spanning ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, and weight loss. “What excites me most is to dive deep to help solve our clients’ biggest challenges. We look across the complete continuum to understand where we can be most effective in driving our customer’s business. We challenge. We simplify. We find the right path forward.”


Future Plans

Grow and guide. “2018 is a clean slate for us to expand across everything we do both internally as a healthtech agency and externally with clients and the community. Our sole mission is to spur our clients’ growth through experience and partnership and we plan to add more talent along the way,” according to agency leaders. If you’re a healthtech marketer looking to spur your growth—call on Spur Marketing to stimulate healthy partnerships, customer-driven creative, and new heights for your healthtech brands.



Spur Marketing is actively involved in various local charities and organizations for causes that have impacted their own families and communities. They sponsor and support efforts for rare cancer research non-profit Slay Sarcoma, non-profit for domestic and sexual violence victims WomanSpace, and Almost Home Dog Rescue. Their philosophy is “When in doubt, give more.”

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