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June 07, 2018

SPUR Marketing leader Elizabeth Patterson named 2017 Women to Watch by MM&M

Each year, Medical, Marketing, and Media names their top Women to Watch. In 2017, founding leader of SPUR Marketing, Elizabeth Patterson earned this honor based on her decade of diverse experience in medical advertising across professional, consumer, payer, alternate channels, medical device, diagnostic, and health IT at agencies both big and small.


Among Liz’s top career highlights across oncology, pain management, vaccines, men’s health, device, diagnostic, IT, she is most proud of her work developing an expansive ACO stakeholder profiling tool, performed sales mapping across the continuum of care, repositioned entire portfolio with 30+ products from features- to solutions-focused, and led above-brand though leadership programs in respiratory, cardiovascular, diagnostic, and device.


"The importance of communicating value has been ingrained since my early years working in the payer space. I’ve taken that mindset across everything I do to ensure that value is communicated in every touch point possible because ‘what’s in it for me’ is ultimately what resonates with people."


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